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5 Simple Reasons To Tidy Up Your Room In Uni

University is where you realise that some people were raised like pigs and others are pigs (Take a deep breath I know you’re triggered). All I’m saying is the state of which some people live in uni is fantastic. You walk into some people’s rooms and you can barely see the carpet. The stench of the room is booming. The sheets look like they haven’t been changed in since freshers. Coming to the club looking sweet, to go home and live like Bilbo Baggins.

There are numerous benefits of tidying up your room. In this blog I’m going to share with you some of the benefits and simple reasons why you should tidy up your room in uni. (Even if it’s just once a fortnight).

1.Better Quality Sleep and Positive Starts to the Day

Your bedroom is where you start your day and where you end your day (unless you are a wayward child). So with this being said, why not start and end your day with a clear mind. Your room should be a place of tranquility. You should wake up early to see somewhere tidy, not a bunch of clutter. A clean room also improves both mental and physical health, but I can’t be asked to touch on that so read this blog: 6 Health Benefits of a Clean Room. Less dust = Less blocked noses and other stuff.

Think about it like coming home to a laid bed after a night out. It feels great. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to sleep and seeing a pile of unwashed laundry on the bed. Save yourself this heartache. At least even if you have a bad day you can come home to a happy looking room not a room that looks like your WCW (trash).

2.Where is my….here it is.

There’s nothing more irritating than expecting something to be somewhere and it’s not or where you think it is. When you tidy up your room regularly, you become familiar with the structure. You avoid as much as possible to have things out of place and when they are you put them back in place. If you’re in a rush you’re not losing precious seconds of time searching for your wallet, to then leave and miss the bus in the process. You start saying things like, ‘If I didn’t check under the kitchen stove, I would’ve caught it’. Why not be able to say, ‘oh yeah, it’s in the left drawer’?

As well as this, many of you can relate to losing something and replacing it, only to then find that the thing you lost was behind your desk or under an empty crisp packet. Usually when this happens we feel stupid for 1. wasting money 2. wasting time.

This is part of the tidying up process is my weak point because I tend to scatter a lot. I spend time making an intricate storage system. All my books lined up, files in order, wallet, AirPods, money clip aligned, only for them to be scattered around my room after a couple weeks. This is definitely something I’m working on and has been getting better overtime.

3.Knowing What You Have

In this day and age some of us are still picking up clothes from the floor and smelling them to see if they are clean. (Primary school PE days are over, stop smelling your clothes, get a laundry basket and use it). With a tidy room, where clean clothes are folded or hung up, you know what clothes can and can’t (shouldn’t) be worn. Or you know when you’ve run out of something and not just lost it.

Also the cases where you think you won’t need something, but turns out you actually do. I.e. a letter you didn’t think was important but was important enough for you to keep only to need it a couple months down the line. If this was kept in a designated spot you’d have no issue pulling it out. But if however, your room looks like an abandoned warehouse then goodluck finding whatever it is you’re looking for.

4.Helps Create Good Habits and Increase Productivity

If you start your day by laying your bed every morning, you probably have other good habits. Habitually tidying up your room gradually creates a chain reaction of other good habits. I.e. turning of the light after you leave a room. Washing dishes as soon as they’ve been used and all that good stuff.

All these habits will help you manage, not just your room, but your flat, then your house, then your life. If your room is messy what will your house look like?

Personally I can’t work with a messy desk, unless that mess was made as a result of me working. I work better with a tidy desk and even more so with a tidy room. When everything is in place I feel like an imaginary weight has been lifted and I have more space to think. I’m less distracted by the things around me and I’m less likely to fidget with random things. All my focus goes to what I’m working on.

5.Become More Sociable

“Ahh my room’s a mess. I’m never this messy I promise”, says every girl before you step into her room. Don’t be this person. Usually this person’s room is tidy or is being honest and their room is actually tragic.

You should be able to say ‘Yeah, sure, come in’ without having a mini heart attack when your MCM/WCW asks to come to your room. In fact your room should be so tidy that you want people to come in just to show how tidy it is. That’s something I’d do. After a solid room cleaning session you’ll catch me with my doors open (they are rarely open), for everyone to see and music blasting.

Where to start

Ask yourself right now, if a stranger was to come into my room now for a house viewing would I be insecure about the state of my room?

If your answer is yes, then you need to tidy up your room. At the moment I thoroughly try to tidy up every 2 weeks at least. Before it was every 3/4 weeks. Start of small. Dedicate one day to simply tidying up. Vacuuming, deep cleaning, sorting out files, doing laundry (if you don’t do this regularly then you need to pattern up). Get a good playlist going, and start with your clothes and finish off with vacuuming. (Swipe Down and in the comment section let me know if you want a ‘Deep Cleaning Tutorial’ Blog).

Once you do the first deep clean, the following will be much simpler. I hope you’ve been inspired to do a little tidy up and I’ll see you in the next post. And as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

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