The Brand Therapy Podcast Ep. 1 Review

When it comes to Trist Taylor (@TristWrapCity), you’ll never be short of valuable content. Whether you’re watching his Instagram Live, going through his social media feed or following his business For the last few years Trist has taken it upon himself to shift content culture by providing content of value and substance. And to aid this journey he has released a new podcast that goes by the name of ‘The Brand Therapy Podcast’.

Hustlers: Amanda Ogong – She Means Business

Young Entrepreneurs - Amanda Ogong - A Woman in Business

Young Entrepreneurs – Amanda Ogong A Woman That Means Business When it comes to women in business, in my circle a few names come to mind but two individuals stick out from the rest. Cessiah Lopez and Amanda Ogong. I’ve already written about Cessiah, today is about Amanda, one of the bubbliest individuals I know. … Read moreHustlers: Amanda Ogong – She Means Business

Why You Should Stop Bussin’ Nuts

The Power of Sexual Transmutation - AWD

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired after bussing? Why you’d rather sleep than get on with the work you intended to start after your session? Why all the energy in your body feels like it’s been zapped away? The reason you feel like this is because your energy HAS been zapped away. That energy comes in the form of that white sticky stuff that you just sent flying.

Hustlers: Tobias – In His Own Lane Creating His Own Sound

Hustlers Tobias

A Few Of My Favourites from Tobias Tobias In an era of music where young artists seem to follow trends with hopes that they’ll soon have their name in the lights, only a few stay in their lane and focus on creating their own sound. Tobias is one of these unique artists. Merging sounds from … Read moreHustlers: Tobias – In His Own Lane Creating His Own Sound

The Art of Reading Self Help Books

How to read a self-help book

Have you ever wanted to start reading a self-help book or any book in general but had difficulty starting? The truth is there are different ways to read, but once the ball starts rolling, it turns into a snowball effect. The more you read, the more you’ll want to read and the better you’ll get at it. If you’re need help figuring out how to read a book then carry one reading, I’m sure the advice in this post will be of value!