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Why You Should Stop Bussin’ Nuts

A few key terms to note down as you read through this post
Masturbate = Bash
Ejaculate = Buss
Sexual Transmutation = ST
* The majority of this post is directed to males but ladies feel free to have a read*

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired after bussing? Why you’d rather sleep than get on with the work you intended to start after your session? Why all the energy in your body feels like it’s been zapped away? The reason you feel like this is because your energy HAS been zapped away. That energy comes in the form of that white sticky stuff that you just sent flying.

What some people don’t realise is how powerful that stuff actually is. Think about it, your sperm has the ability to create a life! But some of us decide to waste that energy on a 15 minute video for a few seconds of euphoria. Rather than harness that energy by doing something productive through what is known as ‘Sexual Transmutation’.

What is Sexual Transmutation?

TRANSMUTE: the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy into another

SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION: the process of converting sexual energy into some other drive, motivation, or energy of a higher order.

This concept is widely spoken about in the male self development industry with many references to Napoleon Hill’s Book: Think and Grow Rich. In here he stated that ‘Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses’. Check out my review on this book after reading this post.

The Power of Sexual Transmutation

The Benefits of Sexual Transmutation

Increase in Creative Energy

When practising sexual transmutation you’ll begin to see an increase in your creative energy. Rather than lazing about the house, binging on Netflix, scrolling though Instagram (@timi.oniwinde) and doing f*ck all with your life. You’ll notice that you’ll have an urge to create. This doesn’t necessarily mean build the Eiffel Tower out of toothpicks. Creating could be doing activities as simple as reading a book, writing, exercising, building your social skills.

The thought of just laying in bed doing nothing begins to look less appealing. In fact you’ll want to do the opposite. You’ll begin to give yourself tasks to do just to make the most of this new found energy.

Did you know Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton Died Virgins?

Fun Fact
You’ll Become More Enthusiastic About Life

After bussing every last nut in your body, you probably couldn’t give any less of a damn about the world around you or even the person in bed with you. All your enthusiasm has vanished ‘Post Nut Clarity’. The infatuation you once had with your right hand all of a sudden turns into resentment.

For those of you bussing nuts first thing in the morning, you’ll probably spend the rest of the day feeling like there’s a cloud over your head.

Give yourself the challenge of not bashing for a few days, see how your outlook on life changes. You’ll have more of a skip in your step. Life will begin to look more colourful. Who knows you might mess around and go and feed some pigeons in the park.

You’ll Save Yourself A Lot of Precious Time

Everything about bussing a nut takes time. Whether you’re on page 11 on PornHub looking for that video you watched last time. Or waiting for your ‘girl’ who’s taking time deciding what to put on for your ‘Netflix and Chill’ session. This whole process is time consuming. Let’s not forget about the extra hours you’re going to lose sleeping the next morning because you have not energy to get up. All these minutes add up.

But imagine, in some mystical world, none of this had to happen. All that extra time could be directed into doing something worthwhile, you actually made it to the gym, or you go into work on time. Just imagine. ST is almost like ‘Buy One Get One Free’. You’re saving your energy while adding on some time to your day.

Increase in Testosterone

Some of you reading this right now probably look extra shiny today because you’ve doused your face in castor oil in the hopes that your beard will grow. Castor oil won’t help you if you’ve got no testosterone to back it.

Jokes aside, there are many benefits to building your testosterone.

  • Relieves depression
  • Increased memory and concentration
  • Increase in bone density
  • Higher libido

Those are just a few to say the least so why waste it?

Better Performance

During ST you’ll notice better performance all round (including the sheets). I perform best at the gym when I’ve got stored up energy when practising ST and vice versa. I get more reps in, I’m more likely to hit my PBs and I definitely make the most of my sessions. Whereas when the tank is on E, I spend the majority of my session on my phone, people watching and more times than none, I’ll probably cut my session short.

Semen retention - The Power of Sexual Transmutation

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In sports ST is widely practised. It helps athletes maintain their motivation to win as well as other factors.

How to Channel Your Sexual Energy Into Something Productive?

As humans we are naturally sexual beings. It’s in-built in us to have sexual desires. However, it’s what we do with those desires that matter. There’s one thing having a high sex drive and there’s another thing making use of it in a productive way.

Steps to Take When Practising Sexual Transmutation:

  1. Clarify what you want out of it – Just holding your nut in for 7 days won’t really do much for you. Determine what your goals are.
  2. Channel your energy towards that goal – If you feel like you’re having urges to go and bash, look for a task you can do that’ll take you closer towards your goal. Even if it’s something as reading an article
  3. Be patient and maintain your focus – Discipline is essential but patience is key. You may not feel anything in the first few days, but by day 7 you’ll feel like a new man.

Guys I urge you to give this a try. Actively work towards a goal and stop wasting your time bussin’ nuts. Particularly now during this pandemic. Now is the best time to practise this. There are no girls distracting you, now the only distraction is yourself.

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Enjoy this video to get more of an idea of how the process works! And if you have any questions for me feel free to hit me up on my socials!