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Hustlers: Tobias – In His Own Lane Creating His Own Sound

A Few Of My Favourites from Tobias


In an era of music where young artists seem to follow trends with hopes that they’ll soon have their name in the lights, only a few stay in their lane and focus on creating their own sound. Tobias is one of these unique artists. Merging sounds from multiple genres of music to form something that can seldom be compared. Here’s a little insight into Tobias, formerly known as TITG, and how his music career has developed over the years.

In the Beginning

Tobias is what I like to call an authentic artist in the sense that music has been with him since he was young. Nowadays, many people jump on the music bandwagon with the hopes of quick success, but for Tobias it’s been a part of his life since he was 12 year old and in that time his music has evolved.

Using his mother’s idle laptop, a mic he took from his sister’s Guitar Hero, free recording software and instrumentals online, an artist was born. However, Tobias did not start taking this craft seriously till he was 15 but has never looked back since.

His Sound

Tobias’ sound cannot really be compared to many other artists in my opinion, for the fact that it’s quite unique to him. He says it’s a blend of Afrobeats, Hip/Hop and RnB. I say it’s a VIBE. A lot of his songs will spark that ‘late night drive’ crave even if you don’t know how to drive.

A lot of his inspiration comes from past relationships with women, ‘the good, the bad, the ugly’ he called it. With influence coming from established artists such as Drake, PND, Travis Scott and Davido. Tobias take this inspiration and these influences and directs them into his bodies of work. His latest being ‘Beast in the Night 2‘ the successor of his project ‘Beast in the Night’.


Unlike many artists, Tobias focuses more on curating projects as opposed to releasing singles. His reasoning for this is that it allows him tell a story with dramatic elements. It also gives him a chance to diversify his sound as much as possible and with the range of artists his listens to he often wants to experiment with their sounds.

The Lessons
– Drive

Over the course of his musical journey, what was once a young TITG has rebranded himself and says he will be releasing new music under is actual name ‘Tobias’. But one thing that won’t be changing are the lessons he’s learnt while making music under TITG. The first one being his drive.

With music, like anything else in life, there will always be challenges and for Tobias, it’s his drive that has allowed him overcome those challenges. Once he has set his mind to something, he will stop at nothing to make sure the task is accomplished. This was particularly evident when he transitioned from being a rapper to incorporating more singing into his music.

The artist claims he wasn’t born a singer but in order to develop his sound he put in the work to learn how to sing. Eventually, with enough practise, he starting singing more than he rapped. But don’t be surprised to hear him dropping a few bars on his tracks. If you’re curious listen to ‘El Chico‘. But not only does he rap his also incorporates a bit of Yoruba into his music as well. This is probably one of my favourite aspects of his music, you can catch a bit of this on his song ‘Flower Child‘.

– Emotion

When it comes to his emotions, they are essentially the secret ingredient for his music. Limiting the number of takes he gives a song before he discarding it, not only does this make the record process of a song take less than a day, it allows him to retain the emotion he wants to pour into that track.

All the emotion you’re feeling at that point is what you should keep in the song and not spread it over time. It just makes it less organic.


A lot of people are guilty of this one. With Tobias it comes when deciding release dates and the number of singles he wants to drop in a certain period of time, be it a year or a few months..

Today I could tell you my project is going to have 8 songs, then it drops and it has 11.

The Future

Despite currently studying a business degree at university and with plans to do a masters, Tobias is still working towards establishing his record label ‘Youth of Amsterdam’. Constantly looking out for new artists with potential to add to his roster. But he’s taking things one step at a time.


His advice to others is to be themselves and avoid comparing yourself to others. Keep working on your craft and don’t give up. If you compare yourself to other people you’ll lose track of your achievements and this will become detrimental to your progress.

The way God works and the way the universe works is that everyone has their own time to shine.

Where to Start

If you’re thinking about checking Tobias’ discography, let me recommend a few of my go-tos for you!

– Hold You (BITN II)
– Henny Nights (ASTRA: FEMMINA)
– Flower Child (ASTRA: FEMMINA)
– Spalding (Untitled Folder)
– Para For You (Single)
– The Whole Beast In The Night Album


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* He will be dropping a new EP soon and you won’t want to miss it!

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