Fake Deep: Cloud Concept

FAKE DEEP | The Cloud Concept: Humans. Clouds. What’s The Difference?

When I’m bored I like to think. I learn through using analogies, comparing this to that, and that to this. It makes things easier to understand and simpler to comprehend. I’m going to share with you a little snippet of how I think.

What I’m about to say, does it make sense or am I being ‘Fake Deep? This the Cloud Concept

The Cloud Concept

Have you ever been cloud watching? You try and make figures out of clouds as they sweep past. You probably have. If you look past the chickens and the rabbits you formulate in your mind, do you notice any similarities between you, a human, and a cloud?

Firstly, they are everywhere you go. All over the world. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, one minute they are here and the next they are gone. Just like strangers. Some stay longer than others. And others are gone before you even know it.

Why is it that the darker the clouds get the more we tend to hate them? We are more cautious of the darker clouds. If there are too many in on location, we sense danger. (Nah I’m stretching it).

Some of them form together to make bigger crowds or cliques. On other occasions, you might catch the introvert drifting by on its own. Some of them are eventually accepted into a larger group of clouds, a few might pull away from their group for one reason or another. You’ve just got to watch closely enough to notice it. Some clouds end up higher than others, then you have the ones who appear to be higher than they really are. Almost like a person who endlessly wears designer but is constantly stuck in their overdraft. It’s a false representation of who they really are.


Clouds are made up of water (vapour). In other words, they have the power to give life, planting a couple of trees or growing a few crops here and there. But they also have the ability to destroy if they become big enough. Powerful enough. If they let loose for too long they can wreak havoc.

They shed tears of joy, leaving behind a rainbow as evidence of their happiness. But catch them on a bad day and you get nothing but rage. Thunderstorms and lighting. Some of these tempers are short-lived, others can go on for days, it just depends who you’re dealing with. At the end of the day, you can’t predict what a cloud is going to do, similar to how you don’t know what the person next to you is thinking.

Like humans, they have a life cycle. They form, they grow, then they die (rain). Some go leaving something positive behind, some go with nothing but hate and destruction. But one thing they never fail to do is move forward.

The Cloud Concept
Fake Deep??

I tend to think so. This was a concept I came up with in Sixth Form, but it seemed to stick for some reason. Let me know what you think of the concept, is it fake deep or do you kind of see where I’m getting at? I’d like to know what you think of this ‘Cloud Concept’, so get at me on socials!


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