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Hustlers: Niyi Adeogun – The Kid with the Magic Touch

To most people, graphic design is purely about making logos, creating flyers, or designing business cards. But when you see the work of young graphic designers like Niyi Adeogun, it completely reshapes your perception of the art. It’s more than just logos and YouTube banners. It’s about telling a story, sending a message, and expressing your emotions. Niyi has spent the last 2-3 years of his life expressing himself through the art, attracting attention from the likes of Spotify UK and global stars like Jidenna along the way. Here is a little insight into how Niyi Adeogun, the engineering student, turned his passion for graphic designing into a business.

Graphic Design by Young Black Creative Niyi Adeogun
The Blank Canvas

Like most passions, you aren’t born with them, you find them. However, in Niyi’s case, he believes his passion for graphic design was a gift to him from God. Since finding this passion, 2-3 years ago, it has been his driving force towards success.

Along the way, Niyi has launched a podcast, as well as a clothing line based on the concept of freedom with his brand ‘Zero Resistance’.

Seeing what was once just an idea now being brought to life as he had envisioned it, this project is one the young creative holds close to his heart. Like any great artist, the aim is to bring your ideas into the physical, but how do you do that for someone else’s vision?

Do You See It?

One of Niyi’s greatest challenges as a designer was breaking the communication barrier between him and clients. However, this challenge didn’t start with his career. As a child, the graphic designer was not much of a talker, so when it came to expressing his points or ideas this was rather difficult. As he progressed in his career, the designer learned the importance of communication and the effectiveness of asking questions.

Questions played and continue to play a key role when it comes to extracting information from clients, especially the ones who are not sure of what exactly it is they want. But asking questions isn’t enough, Niyi had to improve his ability to listen, taking time to process the information being given to him. And in situations where a response is needed, he takes his time to carefully formulate his answer.

Although he may not have completely overcome his challenge of communication, he has definitely seen the improvements in himself and in the quality of information he receives from his clients making projects easier to work on and leaving clients more satisfied.

Ps: Listening is also effective when it comes to communicating with friends and family too, not just in business settings.

Can We See It?
There is profit in hard work – Papa Windy

When you’ve developed a craft for 2-3 years, it shouldn’t take too long before big names start knocking on your door. This is exactly what has happened. Big names came knocking on the door asking for a graphic designer by the name of Niyi Adeogun.

Niyi’s work featured at Spotify’s UK headquarters after being selected by Creative Debut. From there, his magic touch was needed on projects that involved working with ‘the Classic Man’, Jidenna, Okay Player, and Okay Africa. Despite all being great achievements, Niyi avoids ranking them as he sees them as equally great achievements.

This or That?

It takes a lot to develop a craft for 2-3 years WHILE studying for an engineering degree but what has kept Niyi Adeogun going is his love for what he does and his ‘why’. The artist may not have a real system of balancing university with his businesses, but planning and goal setting played a major role in his ‘work-university’ balance.

The humble entrepreneur spent his university years setting monthly targets for himself. And with those targets, he would break them down into weekly goals. If 60-70% of those goals were achieved he considered the week (or month) to have been successful regardless of the fact that not everything was achieved.

Another important element of the creative’s balance between work and business was how he prioritised his time. Stating that when a person sits down to plan their time, they’ll come to realise how much time there really is.

Great Minds Think Alike

Every great artist takes inspiration from somewhere or someone. For Niyi, there have been a few individuals that have influenced his style of living, working, and designing. Firstly starting the one and only Jesus Christ. Seeing as Jesus was (arguably) the only man to walk on this Earth living a perfect life, the young designer adopts the WWJD question when living his life.

Unfortunately, Jesus wasn’t known for his presence in the fashion industry so for that reason Niyi takes inspiration from designers such as Jerry Lorenzo (Fear of God), Virgil Abloh (Off-White|LV|$50), Kanye West (Yeezy), Samuel Ross (A Cold Wall) and Kerby Jean-Raymond (Pyer Moss) just to name a few. These figures stand out to the aspiring designer as they all possess unique styles, fascinating ideas, and have had major impacts in their industry.

In the world of graphic design and digital art, however, a man by the name of Temi Coker has not only served as a role model to Niyi but also as a mentor. In the early stages of his career, Niyi was able to learn the ropes of graphic designing from Temi even adopting similar design styles as a result.

Artwork by mentor of Niyi Adegoun, Temi Coker
by Temi Coker
It’s More Than Just Art

As an entrepreneur, a creative or simply just as a human, Niyi believes that one of the best things a person can do for themselves is to have a strong ‘why’. If your why is strong enough it will carry you through tough times that having only a passion may not.

But alongside that ‘why’, one also needs to develop patience, while working ‘smartly’. Stating that one can work hard for a number of years but someone could work smartly and use less time to make the same progress. Although while making that progress whether by working hard or working smart, patience is needed because it is very unlikely that you are going to ‘blow’ overnight, even though social media makes people think otherwise.

The early stages is when we should patiently build our work from scratch, dedicating a lot of time and effort along the way.

Working Smart is Underrated – Niyi Adeogun

Niyi aims to use these principals to build Zero Resistance to a brand working on different projects around the globe. But you can’t be in two places at once, right? Hence why he also invests his time building up different aspiring creatives.

In his words ‘I started the brand to work alongside [with] creatives. I don’t want the focus to be on my works but on other people’s works. It’s like giving a platform for people to express themselves and express their creative works‘.

So to any aspiring graphic artists looking to broaden their network and work with like-minded designers and one of the humblest people I’ve ever spoken to, Niyi Adegoun and Zero Resistance is who you want to be working.

If you have any more questions for Niyi and how he started his journey be sure to get in touch with him on socials and make sure you check out his work too, I promise you you’ll never look at graphic designing the same again. And if you feel like you got something valuable from Niyi’s story why not share this post with a friend or two?


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