Whisper in the Wind | SayyNadaa - The Story Goes ft. Thomas Sankara

WITW EP1 | SayyNadaa – The Story Goes ft. Thomas Sankara

History is made up of a lot more than just stories about the World War II and King Henry VIII and his six wives. Unfortunately, the education system doesn’t really give us a broad view of how much more history really has to offer. Fortunately for us though, we have people like ‘SayyNadaa’ who are willing to share these untold stories with us on their various platforms.

The Story Goes…

This is a series by ‘Sayynadaa‘ dedicated to unsung heroes and events in history that are not truly appreciated and brought to light in the world today. In less than ten minutes, you’ll be left feeling like you’ve just come out of one of the most interesting history lessons you’ve ever been to. If you’re like me you’ll probably be itching to share your new found knowledge to the closest person to you.

Not only does SayyNada’s vibrant personality beam through the camera, she also covers the facts in such a way where you’ll want to know more whether or not you enjoy history. Believe it or not, I found myself doing extra reading, something that many lecturers have tried to get me to do but failed miserably at.

Episode One: Thomas Sankara

In episode one of her series, Sayynadaa covers the story of Thomas Sankara, the revolutionary from Burkina Faso. Here is a summary of what was covered:

Thomas Sankara was the president of Burkina Faso from 1983-87 and in coming into power his main goal was to eliminate the corruption within the nation as well as the dominance from the French Colonial powers at the time.

As a statement of this new step towards independence, Sankara changed what was formerly known as the Republic of Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, which means the Upright Man.

Following this change, he appointed many females as some of the highest governmental positions. The ideology being; for a nation to be liberated, it must first liberate the women. Sankara went as far as outlawing polygamy, forced marriages and female genital mutilation.

During the time of his reign Burkina Faso’s literacy rate increased from a mere 13% to an astonishing 73%. And eventually he completely opposed foreign aid as he was working towards making the country self reliant.

I’ll leave you to watch the rest…

“Those Who Feed You Control You” – Sankara
My Takeaway Message

Unfortunately for Thomas Sankara, to make such radical change you need radical control, and in his case when it came to running the nation, not everyone was in with love the idea of an authoritarian control system. This was probably one of the reasons why he was eventually killed. However, when you apply the same principles to your own life it becomes a different story.

Many of you are not happy with the quality of your life for one reason or another. For a lot of you you think the world is holding some sort of grudge against you or maybe it’s just bad luck. Some of you are so self absorbed that you expect the world (friends, family, bosses, partners, opportunities) to change so that they fit your own criteria for life, but the truth is the world doesn’t revolve around you. So, instead, you need to take it upon yourself to make radical changes in your life similar to how Sankara did with Burkina Faso.

Not everyone will agree with it. Not everyone will see your vision. You may lose friends along the way. You might even receive some hate too, because once you start to improve yourself you become a threat to those who were above you before, or even those who were with you initially but don’t have the willpower to change their lives the way you did yours. On the other hand, however, some may see it as motivation to make drastic changes to their life too and you may find others that will assist you along the way. 

At the end of the day, Thomas Sankara took matters into his own hands to improve the quality of living for the people of his nation. He was even willing to die for it. For our lives however, it doesn’t need to be so extreme. You only need to take matters into your own hands to improve the quality of living for yourself. I’m not saying you should plant 10 million trees like Sankara did, but I am saying you should take action, no matter how minor, and make changes for the betterment of your future.

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