The Wisdom of Wolves Review

WITW 3: The Wisdom of Wolves

Can Wolves Teach Us To Be More Human?

Have you ever read a book about Wolves? I highly recommend it, the Wisdom of Wolves by Elli H. Radinger would be a great start. It may seem like a weird suggestion but trust me it will make a lot more sense by the end of this post. So keep reading to find out how Wolves can teach us to become more human.

Do You Lead Like An Alpha?
A good leader is a model for others.

Everyone wants to be the alpha, the top of the food chain, be in control, but how do you go about getting to this position of power and leadership? Are you one to make people feel inferior as a way to flaunt your superiority? Or are you one to pick up the ones around you, treat everyone as equal, be willing to take the back foot, and admit when you may be wrong?

When it comes to wolf-pack leaders, and arguably with humans too, a leading personality should have the mental strength and social intelligence in order to be taken seriously. As well as this it is wise to try and maintain a friendly atmosphere as it builds solidarity within the community.

A lot of the time we find leaders who boast about their power and status, almost using it as somewhat of a threat to anyone who dares cross them. Usually, in these instances, these ‘leaders’ fear losing that power. Whereas individuals who naturally radiate authority won’t feel the need to dominate those beneath them, respect will come automatically.

Next time you’re bossing your younger siblings around (if you have any) listen to the way you talk to them. Do you say things like ‘I am older than you, so you better listen to me’ or do you lead by example and avoid hypocrisy, are you fun to be around or do they try and avoid you as much as possible?
With Age Comes Wisdom
It is their experience that makes the old [wolves] so valuable

There is a reason why the average age of Fortune 500 CEO is 57 and not 40, or why almost every successful individual you come across has some sort of mentor, one that is probably older than they are. It’s the experience. If you have experience on your side, even if it’s not yours, you will progress faster and more efficiently than someone who doesn’t.

Younger wolves learn from older, more experienced wolves when it comes to hunting. Rather than learning through trial and error, they have the advantage of knowing the dos and the don’t of hunting certain prey based on advice from their elders. They benefit from the best advice and are more effective in the field as a result. A pack with just ONE old wolf has a 150% better chance of winning a hunt than a pack without one.

So why not apply this principle to your life. Rather than neglecting those older or more experienced than you. Rather than acting like they are competition or like you have a point to prove. Why not remain humble and learn from our elders? Let’s see them as assets, not liabilities that will soon be thrown into a care home.

Are You Gonna Take That Risk?
The strength of wolves lies in their ability to gauge a situation and then decide how to proceed

When wolves hunt, they first observe their prey looking for any weaknesses or openings. They then begin to test them and eventually they choose whether or not the attack is worth it. This is what has lead wolves to be seen as one of the greatest hunters in the animal kingdom. Over the years their hunting has evolved by constantly rethinking plans and changing/adapting areas that don’t work. Learning from their mistakes and taking calculated risks with each hunt to increase their chances of survival.

This should be the same for us when it comes to business, school, or anything in life really. We need to assess our situations and test out different plans to find out what works best for us. There’s no point jumping headfirst into every business opportunity when you haven’t drawn out and tested your plan to some degree or done sufficient market research.

This is where experience becomes highly valuable. You’ll save yourself a lot more time, money, and energy having someone more experienced than you in your corner. It is also important to bear in mind that decisions don’t always have to be taken straight away.

Just a fragment

There’s a lot more ‘The Wisdom of Wolves’ had to offer, this is just a fragment of what I was able to draw out from the book. Elli Radinger links the Wisdom of Wolves to other topics such as female empowerment, the pros and cons of wolves to the ecosystem, and how humans should coexist with wolves if we want to see a positive change to the world.

For what it was, and for the sheer fact I had no real expectations for this book I would rate it highly (8/10). If you’re a reader of self-help books I definitely recommend this book, it’s a change from the usual ‘how to make money by closing your eyes’ vibe. And for all the environmentalists out there or those of you who are fascinated by wolves, this is definitely the book for you.

If you want to know a bit more about ‘The Wisdom of Wolves’ feel free to get in touch with me on socials. Or if you’ve heard enough and want to get the book for yourself, then click the link below and you’ll be taken straight to Amazon!


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