The Secret To Finding Your Passion

You Won’t Know Until You Try – The Secret To Finding Your ‘Passion’

We live in a generation where ‘finding your passion’ seems to be the answer to all our life problems. We’ve been made to believe that life is filled with misery until we reach the point where we have found our ‘passion’. But nobody tells us how we find this master key. The truth is there is no formula for finding your ‘passion’, you just have to keep ‘TRYING’.

This Isn’t My First Time

When you go to a restaurant, (let’s use Nando’s for example) why is it that you know exactly what your order is? No matter how much time you spend scanning the menu, you end up ordering the same thing. The thing is you got to this point by ‘TRYING’. You were invited to Nando’s for the first and you were open to the idea of trying something new, and since that day your order has never changed.

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Until one day you’re told you can’t have your original order say…a half chicken with two sides. Now you panic because you’ve been taken out of your comfort zone, you’re not used to being in this position. Now you have to open your mind to the possibility of trying something else. So you try a ‘Fino Pitta’. You love it. You love it so much that it becomes your new go-to. But you would never have gotten to this stage if you weren’t taken out of your comfort zone.

You can show you the world! Find your passion
You Can Show You The World

The reason many of you feel like you don’t know what you want in life is that you spend too much of your life doing what you know, what you’re comfortable with. You don’t open your mind up to the possibility of enjoying other things in life. Many of us are more paralysed by the fear of ‘what if I don’t like it?’ or ‘what if I fail?’ as opposed to focusing on ‘what if I absolutely love it?’.

The moment you can’t make your usual order, you freeze up. If we’re being honest with ourselves, you’re probably bored of ordering the same thing but you prefer knowing what you are going to get than having to face the fear of the unknown.

This mentality with the little things has an effect on how we handle the bigger things in life. The same way you didn’t know you would love the ‘Fino Pitta’ at Nando’s until you tried it, is the same way you are probably struggling to find your passion for something in life because that passion lies somewhere out there, but you’d rather confine yourself to what you already know.

Stepping out of your comfort zone
Crawl Before You Teleport

How does one learn to step out of their comfort zone? It’s simple. Take baby steps. This could come in the form of ordering a different side at your favourite restaurant. Then ordering an entirely different meal. Walking a different route home than you normally do. As you learn to live outside of your comfort zone, you’ll be more willing to take on bigger challenges like trying out a new sport. Going to random restaurants. Joining a new club/society.

The more you try different things, the more you’ll be able to separate your likes from your dislikes, and the closer you’ll be to finding your true ‘passion’.

Disclaimer: Your passion is not something that has to be monetised. But it should be something that actively brings joy to your heart and adds value to your life. And if you wouldn’t do it for free, it’s probably not something you’re passionate about.

ACTION POINT: Do ONE thing this week that you wouldn’t normally do. (i.e. If you go out to eat, go somewhere you’ve never been before). Let me know how it goes via socials. GOODLUCK!

Passion or no passion, life is really what you make of it!
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