Glass Concept - Smashing Your Goals

Fake Deep: The Glass Concept – The Simplest Way To Smash Your Goals

Everyone sets goals, but many fail to achieve them. Why? Maybe it’s because a lot of us try to bite more than we can chew. But the thing is you can’t finish a footlong sub in one bite. Unless you’re Scooby-Doo, you’re going to need to take more than one bite.

Working towards a goal is like looking through glass. You can see what is on the other end, you can see what you want to achieve but you have an obstacle in the way stopping you from reaching that target. Welcome to the ‘The Glass Concept’, a concept that’ll make what was once complicated so simple!

A Glass Cup or ‘Bulletproof’ Panel?

The goals we set ourselves will vary. We can smash some quickly and easily like a glass cup. I.e. Getting out of bed, washing the dishes, tidying up your room. Such goals only provide momentary satisfaction and require a lot less effort than goals that may appear to be ‘bulletproof’. 

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There are some goals that may seem unattainable. Like punching your way through a bulletproof window for example. The window isn’t the issue, the tools/resources you’ve equipped yourself with is. Some goals require more than a ‘3…2…1…Go!’ initiative. To achieve larger, more challenging goals, you need to upgrade yourself. Think of the saying, ‘you don’t bring knives to a gunfight’.

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Once you’ve acquired the right skills little by little over time you’ll notice that the likelihood of you achieving this goal seems more realistic than before.

All bulletproof glass is is multiple layers of glass with a few reinforcements. So by acquiring these new skills, networking with new people, taking steps forward, you are essentially working your way through the bulletproof layers. Eventually, all you’ll need is one last big hit before everything comes crashing down.

The difference between normal and bulletproof glass | Ongoing ...

You can use the Nick Fury scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier to visualise this process.

The normal bullets weren’t enough to shatter the bulletproof glass, but they were still enough to do some mild damage before the battering ram was brought out – They had the right tools for the job, even if they were annihilated in the end, but don’t watch that. I doubt you’ll suffer the same fate.

So if your goals ever seem too hard to achieve ask yourself, do I have what I need to smash these goals, or do I need a learn new skills/apply more effort?

Cba to Read It All (Quick Summary)

-Goals are like glass.
-Some can be smashed easier than others
-When it comes to bigger, more ‘bulletproof’ goals, you need to equip yourself with the right tools in order to work through the glass easier.
-By learning new skills, networking with the right people, and consistently taking steps forward you are gradually impacting the ‘bulletproof glass’, and sooner or later that target of yours will be smashed.

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