What to consider before dropping out of university

What To Consider Before Dropping Out Of University

We’ve all reached that point in University where we’ve considered dropping out. For some the feeling is short-lived. For others, it’s almost a certain decision backed by a build-up of different emotions, excuses, reasons, aspirations, expectations and more. However in the midst of all these factors we forget to consider the logical side of things. So for that reason here are a few things to consider before dropping out of university (or school in general).

Do You Actually Have A Reason?

It’s almost impossible to go through university without uttering the phrase ‘I swear, I want to drop out’ at least once. It might have been a passing comment we said when struggling to meet the deadline of a pointless assignment. But for those of you who really are about to drop out, why? What’s your reason?

Workload: Is the workload too much? Did you think university stopped after freshers week? Did you forget you’d actually have to work? Maybe you got more work than you bargained for and now you ready to opt-out. In this case, you need to grow up. That’s all I can say about that really. Nothing good in life comes easy. And wherever you go, work will be there, it’ll just come in a different form.

Aspiration: Going to university wasn’t your choice, it was your parents. You’d have much rather gone down another path, built-up your own business, started an apprenticeship, joined the army, something else other than university. If this is you, ask yourself: ‘Am I working hard enough to drop out to follow these aspirations, or is there more work to be done?’

Confusion: You’re having an identity crisis. You’re halfway through your course and you’ve realised you’re no longer interested in the career path you initially planned to pursue and now you have no idea where to go from here.

Worth: It doesn’t seem worth the money you’re paying. Have a read of ‘How to Enjoy University Even If You Were Forced to Go’ maybe university will seem worthwhile after a brief read. Don’t think about uni as just a degree. It has a lot more to offer than that.

Motivational Speaker Syndrome: You’ve listened to every motivational speaker in the world and you’re all jacked up on the motivational speaker drug. You believe that if you drop out now, in a year or so you’ll be driving a Lamborghini telling everyone you’re a college dropout who travels the world and makes money in his sleep. It is possible, but are you willing to put in the work to make it happen or are you just running on motivation?

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Okay, You Know WHY, Now Think About HOW?

If you feel like you have a valid reason for dropping out that’s great but now you have to come up with a plan. You’ve dropped out, now what are you doing with yourself? Will you get a part-time job to fund your business idea? Are you fit enough to join the army? Will you get a place of your own or movie back in with your parents? Are you even going to tell your parents?

You need to have a plan because once you’ve lost the protection and stability of university, you’re left to fend for yourself, and unlike University, you aren’t assigned an advisor to help you through the process (unless your parents support your decision). So develop your escape plan but don’t forget even plans don’t always work out the way you want them to.

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You need a plan as detailed as the Professor from Money Heist
Do You Really Have To Drop Out?

Looking at your ‘why’ and your ‘how’ do you really have to drop out of uni? Maybe you could structure your days in a way where you can make time for that business idea of yours and your degree. You could train till the end of your degree and by the end of it all, you’ll be in great condition to join the army. You can get a part-time/virtual job in the field you aspire to work in and build experience as you go through university. Believe it or not, there’s a direct correlation between university graduates and higher wages, and with experience before graduation, you’d already have a solid head start.

The busier you keep yourself, the more you’ll value your time and improve your discipline. If you drop out, the chances are you’ll think you have all the time in the world and that’ll leave room for time-wasting.

If you’re already more than halfway through your degree you might as well see it through till the end. What’s the point in coming this far to turn back. Think of the bridge analogy from the previous post. Would you start building a bridge only to stop halfway?

Find Your Happy Place

Chances are university probably doesn’t make you happy otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about dropping out. However, you can find something in or around the university that will. Maybe you could join a sports team or society. Run your business after lectures. Go home on the weekends. Or book a holiday at the end of each semester. If you can give yourself something to look forward to at the end of each day, week or semester then university will become more bearable and you’ll be motivated to keep ongoing.

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University Isn’t For Everyone

At the end of the day, university isn’t for everyone, of course it’s not. But just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean you have to drop out without properly thinking of the consequences. Everything mentioned above is to get you to consider your options before making that big decision. Because once that decision has been made, all that time and money you’d have spent would have gone to waste (to an extent) so it would be wise to weigh up your options properly. And if you’ve started the journey, why not try your best to see it to the end?

CBA To Read It All

-Before dropping figure out ‘WHY’.
-Come up with a plan for after you drop out.
-Is dropping out your only option? Could you incorporate that plan while you’re at university?
-Could you find a way to be happier at Uni and finish your course?

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions for me or are contemplating dropping out and would like some advice feel free to get in touch with me via socials.

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