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Motivational Speakers: The Most Dangerous Drug Dealers

If you’ve ever listened to a motivational speaker they probably left you with the urge to do something crazy, something you didn’t really think through but after such a compelling speech, it seemed rational. Dropping out of school because you’ve were told university is nothing but a scam (and it is to some extent) for example. Or buying a course that is supposedly worth £10’000 but is being sold to you for £999 because you’ve spent the last few hours being hyped up by a man with a nice suit and shiny watch who feels like he’s doing you a favour.

Motivational Speakers are like drug dealers, they give you what you need and for a short amount of time, you’re high on life feeling like anything can be done in matter of minutes. You think life is going to be straight forward as long as you ‘believe’ or buy a £10’000 course on how to live. And since the majority of people believe having motivation is what they need to start that journey towards ‘success’ they go looking for that person who can give them what they’re looking for and they are sold a dream as a result.

Get Rich, You Don’t Need To Die Trying

Don’t be fooled, just because a guy in a fancy suit told you he became rich in just a few years doesn’t mean the process is easy. Motivational speakers have a way of making you think that if you just believe it, in a year or so you’ll be flying around the world first-class doing whatever you want.

Becoming rich is not an easy process. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. It requires a lot more effort than a motivational speaker might lead you on to think. It requires a lot more effort than just listening to motivational speakers. You won’t just wake up rich one day just because you believed, this journey involves application.

No Logic, Just Vibes

After a top class motivational speech, you begin to run on pure vibes. For the next week or so you may find yourself making irrational decisions. The speaker tells you that ‘to become rich you must first act like you are rich’. So what do you do? You take the £100 in your account and decided to spend £50 on a meal at a fancy restaurant because that’s what you’ll be doing when you ‘actually’ become rich.

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You’ve been told that he, the speaker, dropped out of university because he didn’t like it and he knew he’d be rich one day. So you think, “Yeah, I don’t like university either so I’m going to drop out too”. In this period of time, you’re high on the drug (motivation) that the dealer (the speaker) sold you. Then once that high momentary fades away you realise things really aren’t that simple leaving you back where you started.

What’s Your Name? What’s Their Name? You’re Not The Same!

Your name is *insert name*, the speaker’s name is John Doe. You are two completely different people from different places with different opportunities and mindsets. Everyone has their own journey, you can’t follow someone else’s Yellow Brick Road.

John Doe may have dropped out of university but he may have also had connections that were able to give him the upper hand, connections that you don’t have. So don’t play sheep and blindly follow the footsteps of someone whose story you don’t fully know.

Pave your own way, work with what you have and what you know.

Get High Off Your Own Supply

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Motivation can come from different places. It can come from materialistic objects, (the thought of) achieving a goal, music videos, Instagram, motivational speakers but most importantly yourself. No one should be able to motivate you more than yourself because no one knows you better than yourself.

Motivational speakers can sell you a dream on how amazing your life could be if you start your own business, but they won’t mention the difficult times despite these being the most defining moments. But John Doe will no longer be there to save you because you’ve already paid for his £999 course only to find out it was just him saying ‘you can do it’ in a 100 different ways that all sound pleasing to the ear.

The moment you learn what motivates you. Why you do what you do. Motivational speakers will only be tools that are used to simply give you a little extra boost almost like an energy drink. But like an energy drink, if you rely on it to keep you awake for an extended period of time it will do more damage than good.

‘The Ball Is In Your Court’

This is what most speakers tend to say during their little sales pitch for their course and to be fair it is true. The ball IS in your court. You can decide to keep relying on someone who has never met you to motivate you into doing something.

Or you could ask yourself why do I want to do such and such, and how important really is it to me? If it’s something that important to you, even if you’ve been drained of all your energy, you’ll find a way to carry on going when times are tough and that something no motivational speaker can do for you!

CBA To Read It All

-Motivation = The Drug. The Speakers = The Dealers
-Becoming rich/successful isn’t as easy as speakers make it out to seem.
-Just because someone looks (or even is) successful it doesn’t mean you have to follow their every step. They had their journey, you have your own.
-Motivation comes from all sorts of places but the best place to find it is within yourself.

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