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Have you ever set off on a long road trip and been able to see your end destination as soon as you leave your house? No, you haven’t and that’s simply how life is. Life is like going on a long road trip at night and relying on your headlights to get you to where you’re going. Each of us has our own different destination and if the destination isn’t different the journey certainly is.

The Planning Stage.

Before you set off on a road trip, the best thing you can do for yourself is figure out where you’re headed. Where exactly are you planning on going? You can’t just say you’re driving from London to Manchester, Manchester is a big place. Is there a specific hotel, Airbnb or family member’s house you’re going to? In other words, at what point is your journey complete?

The Preparation Stage.

You know where you’re going, now it’s time to prepare yourself. Get all the right tools, make sure the car has all the essentials to make the trip go as smoothly as possible. Some people want to become surgeons without completing med school. That’s basically like trying to drive a car with 2 wheels, it might be possible but chances are you won’t get very far.

During the prep stage, you should figure out what exactly you’ll need. Some of which you might already have (i.e. people skills, a steady hand, patience, charisma, etc.). Others you’ll need to acquire along the way (i.e. a degree, programming skills, food hygiene certificate, and so on). The earlier you realise what you have and what you need the smoother the journey will go.

The Driving Stage.

Now you’ve set off using Waze or Google Maps or even an actual map if you’re feeling up for the challenge, the journey has begun. You know you are going to Manchester, but you can’t see Manchester, you can only see what your headlights and streetlights allow you to. So for the time being forget about Manchester focus on what’s in front of you.

night driving GIF by ALEX KAO

Along this journey, all sorts of things might happen and the chances are they won’t be good. The car might catch a flat tyre and you’ll have to rely on someone else to get you back up and running (unless you know how to change a tyre yourself), you might get stuck in traffic. Several wrong-turns might be taken, you may get lost but you’ll always find a way to get back on track (However, in life some people find it difficult to. Why?).

The Others

One thing about road trips is that everyone is on their own journey. When you’re on the motorway you come across thousands of cars. How many times do you worry about where another driver is going? Probably not often. So in life don’t worry about anyone else’s journey.

Some people might be flying on the motorway, doing 140mph, let them. You don’t know if they’re experienced drivers or not, and regardless of if they are, one mistake and it could end up disastrous so go at a pace that you’re comfortable with. If you see someone with a much nicer car than you, admire it and get back to keeping your eyes on the road ahead because at the end of the day that car isn’t going to do anything for you in terms of getting to your destination.

The same way you stop to refuel your car and take a break from driving is the same way you should allow yourself to take breaks in life. The journey could probably be done in one long stretch but that isn’t always the best way of going about things. If you feel tired, rest. Rome wasn’t built in a day (As cliché as it sounds)

Most Importantly…

Don’t turn back. Imagine being halfway to Manchester and turning back because you can no longer be bothered to make the full journey, surely that’s a sign of madness?

Road Trip Headbang GIF

Enjoy the journey. Chances are you won’t be making this trip again or in the same way that you did. So take in the scenery as you pass through different towns and cities. If you’re stuck in traffic for long periods of time make something out of it. If you do get lost have a laugh about it. At the end of the day, it’ll only make the story more interesting.


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