The Cost of Getting a Car

You Want A Car Until You Get It – The Cost of Driving

The thought of being released from the bondage of public transport lives rent free in many people’s minds. Having to run for the train; being late to an important meetings because someone decided to wait until they got on the bus before looking for their Oyster card; struggling to get home due unexplained delays and cancellations will be a thing of the past.

Having a car is one of those things that we believe we must attain because we think it makes life easier and it does but just not as much as people make it seem.

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The ‘When I Get My Car Speech’

Everyone has made the ‘when I get my car’ speech at least once. The speech where you list all the incredible adventures you’ll go on when you get your car. You talk about all the miserable times public transport screwed you over and how enough is enough. You even start creating playlists to play whilst driving at different times of the day in different seasons of the year. You’ve seen the big picture and you can’t wait to realise it.

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When Life Levels Up The Price Levels Up

The ‘when I get my car’ speech seems like a fantasy when you only take into consideration all the good things that come with having a car, after you’ll ‘only have to pay for petrol’. This is far from the truth. When people plan on getting their cars they tend to disregard the extra costs that come with the purchase. Costs to consider when buying a car:

-Insurance: £800+/Year
-Breakdown Cover: £4-£15/Month
-Finance Payment (If you’ve leased/financed your car)
-Servicing: £80+
-Parking/Parking Tickets
-Car Wash
-Congestion Charge
-Road Tax
-Driving Lessons / Test
-Unexpected Costs (i.e. Repairs)
-The unnecessary urge to go to a McDonald’s drive thru.

There is a hefty price to pay for owning a car and unfortunately none of them accept ‘vibes’ as a form of payment.

Yo Got That Gas Money?

If you’re sole purpose of getting a car is to drive around town blaring loud music with your friends, the silence will be deafening when you ask them for ‘gas money’. So you need to ask yourself whether you’re in a good enough place financially to not only buy a car but maintain it too.

Give Me Three Good Reasons Why You Need A Car (15 Marks)

Will a car be advantageous in your job search (some jobs require you to drive)? Maybe you plan on working for Deliveroo or Uber Eats part-time. Or will it be more beneficial for your business if you drove. For instance if you’re a personal shopper who has multiple deliveries to make for their clients public transport may turn out to be inefficient.

The best thing you can do for yourself when you get a car is make sure it’s helping you make money in some way or another otherwise they are just a big liability disguised as a necessity.

It’s Not As Bad As It Looks

Once again society has made us feel like we have to live our lives in a certain way. People are believe that if you can drive you get extra brownie points, why? If you don’t need to drive then you don’t need to drive. Sometimes having a car is more impractical than using public transport. Yes, there are times where public transport does prove to be a liability, but people put way too much emphasis on the negatives of public transport and forget that it’s not all that bad. A few positives of public transport:

-It’s cheaper (even if it may not appear that way)
-It’s better for the environment
-You can get stuff done while you travel
-You only pay for it when you use it

Trust me, you wish you were driving until you start driving. And unless you love driving, having a car, especially while still in education, may just turn out to be a financial burden and a distraction. However, with all that being said, it’s still worth getting your drivers license, that way when you do reach a point where you actually need a car you’re good to go.

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