Trap of Trapping

The Trap of Trapping

[I don’t trap, everything I write in this post is based on conversations and observations]

Money makes the world go round now more than ever before. Unlike previous decades where people were content with just the idea of living and creating memories, we live in an era where acquiring money is most people’s sole aim.

Nobody wants to miss out on the latest trends but unfortunately the latest trends are becoming more and more expensive. Or even if you are not phased by trends, social media has given us a false perception of how our lives should be lived and unfortunately this ‘perception’ isn’t cheap either. You can’t fund a trip to Dubai with imagination (not literally at least), you need cash; money; mulla; ps; guwop; bread whatever you want to call it.

How do you go about getting this entity? Well you could start a business and hope that in 2-3 years it booming. You could get a job and work graveyard shifts and overtime, that’s if you even manage to get a job…or you could trap.

What is this so called ‘trapping’?

Simply put, it’s selling drugs. This could be anything from NOS to Weed to Cocaine, Ket etc. But for the sake of this article we’ll focus on weed because it’s the most relatable and probably comes with the least controversy.

Why trap?

Firstly, money of course. But with a bit more context, you’re selling the new alcohol but instead of shops you’re only competing with other local dealers. Now imagine you go to a university in a place where the drug game isn’t as cut throat as London, Manchester, Birmingham and other major cities, you have accessibility to thousands of potential customers who are looking to live the university experience. So what’s going through your mind…’easy money’.

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Risk vs Reward. Now unlike cocaine and ket, weed carries less severe charges if you’re caught by the police. And like most people say to themselves ‘I won’t get caught’ ‘I’ll be smarter than the other guys’. So you weigh up the risk versus reward and the reward is looking more appealing.

Plus, Joeblogs2Trappy just got out of jail and dropped a music video claiming his sentence was light work so if you do so happen to get caught and arrested you’ll be fine or at least that’s what you hope.

That Guy. Who doesn’t want to be that guy? The guy that everyone knows for popping bottles at the uni raves and is always dressed head to toe in the latest designer.

Means to an end. Now a lot of people start trapping as a means to an end. Whether it be funding their studio time, a business idea, helping out with rent. I mean why no,t when you’ve applied to a million jobs and all you see is, ‘[Insert name] thank you for applying for this job, unfortunately you application has not made it to the next stage’

The Trap

You’re 3 months deep. Your line is ringing off. Trapping is everything you thought it would be. But that’s where the problem begins, it was everything you thought it would be. Re-up, bag up, cash up and repeat. Things are going smoothly and you’re seeing more money than you imagine, you feel like Tony Montana. What was once a means to an end slowly becomes a lifestyle that you are comfortable in.

You decide to up your ante and take things a step further. Now you’ve got runners, you’ve got a stable relationship with your plug and a solid customer base. Why in the world would you let go of all the hard work you’ve put in? Before you know it your mind is trapped and all it takes is one of your chatty patty runners getting arrested or one bored police officer to pull you over before that trap becomes physical.

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Sometimes it’s not the act that will land you in trouble, but what may come of it later down the line.


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