Awindyday is blog that looks at life from a different perspective. A life blog, not about the writer’s life but life in general. Each article focuses on looking at life from a multiple angles. Angles that make things easier to digest, this can be seen in the ‘FAKE DEEP’ segment. Understanding and acknowledging issues that could affect ones mental state, which can typically be found in the ‘Mind Games’ section. Then there is the occasional university rant in the ‘Uni Life’ section.

I write each article based on a certain emotion or form of inspiration therefore some can come of be bit more serious than others. Initially, I intended to start awindyday off as a personal development blog, but it has slowly transitioned into more of a personal journal but in a way for me to teach or offer value to anyone reading.

Read each post with an open mind and as you do so, I hope you take something away from it!



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