Mind Games: The Beautiful Pain of Hustling

The Beautiful Pain Of Hustling

Post inspired by Toosii – Back From The Dead Have you ever had moments where you’ve just started crying? Crying not because anything has happened but because you’re exhausted. You’re full of energy but you’re so fxcking exhausted. It’s like you haven’t been able to catch a breath in a while, you’ve just been ploughing … Read moreMind Games: The Beautiful Pain of Hustling

You Want A Car Until You Get It – The Cost of Driving

The Cost of Getting a Car

The thought of being released from the bondage of public transport lives rent free in many people’s minds. Having to run for the train; being late to an important meetings because someone decided to wait until they got on the bus before looking for their Oyster card; struggling to get home due unexplained delays and … Read moreYou Want A Car Until You Get It – The Cost of Driving

Motivational Speakers: The Most Dangerous Drug Dealers

Motivational Speakers

If you’ve ever listened to a motivational speaker they probably left you with the urge to do something crazy, something you didn’t really think through but after such a compelling speech, it seemed rational. Dropping out of school because you’ve were told university is nothing but a scam (and it is to some extent) for … Read moreMotivational Speakers: The Most Dangerous Drug Dealers

What To Consider Before Dropping Out Of University

What to consider before dropping out of university

We’ve all reached that point in University where we’ve considered dropping out. For some the feeling is short-lived. For others, it’s almost a certain decision backed by a build-up of different emotions, excuses, reasons, aspirations, expectations and more. However in the midst of all these factors we forget to consider the logical side of things. … Read moreWhat To Consider Before Dropping Out Of University

How To Enjoy University Even If You Were Forced To Go! Pt.1

Most people have a love-hate relationship with university. For some, it’s the time of their life. Newfound freedom, independence, unforgettable memories. For others, it’s the bane of their existence. Depression, uncertainty, pressure, feeling like they’re living someone else’s dream for them. A lot of people when asked why they’re in university say they were forced to by their parents and this is where the problem begins. Being ‘forced’. But whether or not you were forced to go to university here are a few tips on how to make your time at university feel less like a prison sentence.

You Won’t Know Until You Try – The Secret To Finding Your ‘Passion’

The Secret To Finding Your Passion

We live in a generation where ‘finding your passion’ seems to be the answer to all our life problems. We’ve been made to believe that life is filled with misery until we reach the point where we have found our ‘passion’. But nobody tells us how we find this master key. The truth is there is no formula for finding your ‘passion’, you just have to keep ‘TRYING’.

The Best Type of Journal For You

Best Type of journal for you

Journaling isn’t a one-way street. It’s not one size fits all. There’s a different type of journal out there for everyone. Whether you simply want to document your goals or maybe you’re conquering the seven seas and you want to keep a tab of your findings, journaling takes many different forms, but what’s best for you? Here are a few suggestions to help you decide.