Benefits of Journaling

Benefits of Journaling

When you think about journaling the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is a bunch of pages of writing starting with ‘Dear diary…’ followed by a rant about your day. However, journaling isn’t just about b*tching, there are other elements to journaling that could improve your quality of life over time. So keep reading to find out some of the benefits of journaling, maybe you’ll find just one reason to start keeping a journal for yourself.

Why You Should Stop Bussin’ Nuts

The Power of Sexual Transmutation - AWD

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired after bussing? Why you’d rather sleep than get on with the work you intended to start after your session? Why all the energy in your body feels like it’s been zapped away? The reason you feel like this is because your energy HAS been zapped away. That energy comes in the form of that white sticky stuff that you just sent flying.

The Art of Reading Self Help Books

How to read a self-help book

Have you ever wanted to start reading a self-help book or any book in general but had difficulty starting? The truth is there are different ways to read, but once the ball starts rolling, it turns into a snowball effect. The more you read, the more you’ll want to read and the better you’ll get at it. If you’re need help figuring out how to read a book then carry one reading, I’m sure the advice in this post will be of value!

Self Development | Books: Why You Should Read Them

Self Development Books

How Reading Books Improves Your Self Development Have you ever wondered why many successful people claim that reading books was a key reason for their success? That’s because there are numerous benefits to reading books that play a key role in ones self development process. To find out how you reading books could improve your … Read moreSelf Development | Books: Why You Should Read Them

5 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Educational YouTube Channels

During this quarantine period you’re probably finding yourself in a never-ending social media/YouTube spiral. I can’t blame you, I am too. But ask yourself, is the content I am taking in valuable? Here are 5 of my favourite YouTube channels that create amazing content but still provide value and knowledge.

How To Not Be Bored During Quarantine

How to Not Be Bored During Quarantine (Coronavirus)

Are you currently bored out of your mind at home during this quarantine period? You probably can’t wait for all this madness to end. Rather than being consumed by misery, why not try and see things from a different perspective? Here are some great things to do while you’re quarantined. Deep Clean Your House Since … Read moreHow To Not Be Bored During Quarantine

7 Instagram Accounts To Follow That’ll Bring Value To Your Timeline

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow That'll Bring Value To Your Timeline

The majority of people’s screen time is dedicated to ‘social networking’. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, some people operate their businesses strictly via social media. The problem comes when you’re spending hours on end on scrolling through endless posts and aren’t receive any sort of value. So here are 7 Instagram accounts you should follow that’ll bring value to your timeline.

How to Stay Motivated in University

Stay motivated in University

University is a constant rollercoaster with various uphill battles and downward spirals. People come into university with great ambitions and dreams of working in a certain profession, or for a Fortune 500 company of some sort. Overtime though, this spark of ambition fizzles out. Rather than striving towards our initial goals we begin to settle … Read moreHow to Stay Motivated in University