WITW 4: 5 Proverbs from Things Fall Apart That You Should Apply To Your Life

Proverbs from Things Fall Apart

When reading some books you can’t just read each sentence word for word especially when it comes to China Achebe’s proverbial Things Fall Apart. Things Fall Apart is a classic story about pre-colonial life in Nigeria. Chinua Achebe portrays a vivid image of aspects of the Igbo culture with great emphasis on their persistent use of proverbs, many of which could be applied to our daily lives.

WITW 3: The Wisdom of Wolves

The Wisdom of Wolves Review

Can Wolves Teach Us To Be More Human? Have you ever read a book about Wolves? I highly recommend it, the Wisdom of Wolves by Elli H. Radinger would be a great start. It may seem like a weird suggestion but trust me it will make a lot more sense by the end of this … Read moreWITW 3: The Wisdom of Wolves

Self Development | Books: Why You Should Read Them

Self Development Books

How Reading Books Improves Your Self Development Have you ever wondered why many successful people claim that reading books was a key reason for their success? That’s because there are numerous benefits to reading books that play a key role in ones self development process. To find out how you reading books could improve your … Read moreSelf Development | Books: Why You Should Read Them

Physical Books vs Audio Books

Physical Books vs Audio Books

Should I be Reading Physical Books or Audio Books? When it comes to reading books, people usually get torn between reading physical books and listening to audio books. Personally, I prefer physical books over audio books despite using Audible regularly. They both have their pros and cons and that’s what I’m here to discuss today. … Read morePhysical Books vs Audio Books