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  • Hustlers: Niyi Adeogun – The Kid with the Magic Touch
    To most people, graphic design is purely about making logos, creating flyers, or business cards. But when you see the work of young graphic designers like Niyi Adeogun, it completely reshapes the ideas of what you thought graphic design was about. It’s more than just logos and YouTube banners, it’s about telling a story, sending a message, expressing your emotions. And for Niyi he has spent the last 2-3 years expressing himself through his art which has attracted attention from the likes of Spotify UK and global stars like Jidenna. Here is a little insight into how Niyi Adeogun, the engineering student, turned his passion for graphic designing into a business.
  • Hustlers: Lotanna Ezeike – The Epitome of Serial Entrepreneur
    Have you ever felt like something was missing in the world? Something that would better your life experience? Only to realise that it doesn’t exist or it’s only for an exclusive group of people, (i.e. see-through toasters or a dog toy doubling as a toothbrush). What did you do about it? Probably nothing, like most people would. However, Lotanna Ezeike isn’t like most people. When he feels like something should exist that doesn’t, he creates it. He is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur and this has been his journey…
  • Hustlers: Isioma Uwajeh – A Woman of Many Talents
    A talent is only useful when put into action and Isioma Uwajeh, aka Melanicious, doesn’t hesitate to do so with her. The young entrepreneur continually develops her skills in multiple fields in order to eventually have her name written amongst the greats of society.
  • Hustlers: Amanda Ogong – She Means Business
    Young Entrepreneurs – Amanda Ogong A Woman That Means Business When it comes to women in business, in my circle a few names come to mind but two individuals stick out from the rest. Cessiah Lopez and Amanda Ogong. I’ve already written about Cessiah, today is about Amanda, one of the bubbliest individuals I know. … Read moreHustlers: Amanda Ogong – She Means Business
  • Hustlers: Tobias – In His Own Lane Creating His Own Sound
    A Few Of My Favourites from Tobias Tobias In an era of music where young artists seem to follow trends with hopes that they’ll soon have their name in the lights, only a few stay in their lane and focus on creating their own sound. Tobias is one of these unique artists. Merging sounds from … Read moreHustlers: Tobias – In His Own Lane Creating His Own Sound
  • Hustlers: Reuben Apollo – A Man Reaching For The Stars
    When it comes to young entrepreneurs, our generation isn’t short of them. Everywhere you look there is a millennial starting a new venture. Side hustles are becoming the trend and someone is taking this trend very seriously.
  • Hustlers: Cessiah Lopez – A Queen With A Dream
    A lot of people talk about wanting to start businesses but either don’t know how, or have the intention to start one until later on in life. However, some people would rather jump right into it. Let’s talk about Cessiah Lopez, a young, International Trade Law LLM student with not one, not two BUT three … Read moreHustlers: Cessiah Lopez – A Queen With A Dream