Mind Games: Comfort in Chaos

Comfort in Chaos - AWD

Many Find Comfort in Chaos Why do we find comfort in chaos? We all know what we need to do to give us stability but we choose not to do it. For example, a lot of us have been in education since we were 4 or 5 years old. We know how schools work. We … Read moreMind Games: Comfort in Chaos

Mind Games: The Beautiful Pain of Hustling

The Beautiful Pain Of Hustling

Post inspired by Toosii – Back From The Dead. — Have you ever had moments where you’ve just started crying? Crying not because anything has happened but because you’re exhausted. You’re full of energy but you’re so fxcking exhausted. It’s like you haven’t been able to catch a breath in a while, you’ve just been … Read moreMind Games: The Beautiful Pain of Hustling

What To Consider Before Dropping Out Of University

What to consider before dropping out of university

We’ve all reached that point in University where we’ve considered dropping out. For some the feeling is short-lived. For others, it’s almost a certain decision backed by a build-up of different emotions, excuses, reasons, aspirations, expectations and more. However in the midst of all these factors we forget to consider the logical side of things. … Read moreWhat To Consider Before Dropping Out Of University

WITW 4: 5 Proverbs from Things Fall Apart That You Should Apply To Your Life

Proverbs from Things Fall Apart

When reading some books you can’t just read each sentence word for word especially when it comes to China Achebe’s proverbial Things Fall Apart. Things Fall Apart is a classic story about pre-colonial life in Nigeria. Chinua Achebe portrays a vivid image of aspects of the Igbo culture with great emphasis on their persistent use of proverbs, many of which could be applied to our daily lives.

You Won’t Know Until You Try – The Secret To Finding Your ‘Passion’

The Secret To Finding Your Passion

We live in a generation where ‘finding your passion’ seems to be the answer to all our life problems. We’ve been made to believe that life is filled with misery until we reach the point where we have found our ‘passion’. But nobody tells us how we find this master key. The truth is there is no formula for finding your ‘passion’, you just have to keep ‘TRYING’.

Fake Deep | The Orphan Complex – Live Like An Orphan

Orphan Complex

Disclaimer: The Orphan Complex is in no way meant to be insensitive towards orphans, it is merely a concept. Why You Should Live Life Like You Have No Parents Have you ever thought of what life would be like if one day you no longer had parents? Would you survive or would you crumble? Some … Read moreFake Deep | The Orphan Complex – Live Like An Orphan

WITW 3: The Wisdom of Wolves

The Wisdom of Wolves Review

Can Wolves Teach Us To Be More Human? Have you ever read a book about Wolves? I highly recommend it, the Wisdom of Wolves by Elli H. Radinger would be a great start. It may seem like a weird suggestion but trust me it will make a lot more sense by the end of this … Read moreWITW 3: The Wisdom of Wolves

FAKE DEEP | The Cloud Concept: Humans. Clouds. What’s The Difference?

Fake Deep: Cloud Concept

When I’m bored I like to think. I learn through using analogies, comparing this to that and that to this. It makes things easier to understand and simpler to comprehend. I’m going to share with you a little snippet of how I think.

What I’m about to say, does it make sense or am I being ‘Fake Deep?

The Best Type of Journal For You

Best Type of journal for you

Journaling isn’t a one-way street. It’s not one size fits all. There’s a different type of journal out there for everyone. Whether you simply want to document your goals or maybe you’re conquering the seven seas and you want to keep a tab of your findings, journaling takes many different forms, but what’s best for you? Here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

Hustlers: Niyi Adeogun – The Kid with the Magic Touch

Niyi Adeogun

To most people, graphic design is purely about making logos, creating flyers, or business cards. But when you see the work of young graphic designers like Niyi Adeogun, it completely reshapes the ideas of what you thought graphic design was about. It’s more than just logos and YouTube banners, it’s about telling a story, sending a message, expressing your emotions. And for Niyi he has spent the last 2-3 years expressing himself through his art which has attracted attention from the likes of Spotify UK and global stars like Jidenna. Here is a little insight into how Niyi Adeogun, the engineering student, turned his passion for graphic designing into a business.