Why You Should Stop Bussin’ Nuts

The Power of Sexual Transmutation - AWD

Do you ever wonder why you feel so tired after bussing? Why you’d rather sleep than get on with the work you intended to start after your session? Why all the energy in your body feels like it’s been zapped away? The reason you feel like this is because your energy HAS been zapped away. That energy comes in the form of that white sticky stuff that you just sent flying.

The Art of Reading Self Help Books

How to read a self-help book

Have you ever wanted to start reading a self-help book or any book in general but had difficulty starting? The truth is there are different ways to read, but once the ball starts rolling, it turns into a snowball effect. The more you read, the more you’ll want to read and the better you’ll get at it. If you’re need help figuring out how to read a book then carry one reading, I’m sure the advice in this post will be of value!

How to turn a Bad Morning into a Productive Morning

Productive Morning

Some mornings are such a drag. You wake up feeling like you don’t want to do anything. Then, you spend the next hour rolling around pretending you’re asleep because you don’t want to face the world. Or you might just be hungover. Most people believe the way you start your day will set the tone … Read moreHow to turn a Bad Morning into a Productive Morning

How to Fix Your Sleeping Pattern At Uni

Fix Your Sleeping Pattern

University is a place of f*cked sleeping patterns. Whether it stems from freshers week, trying to finish last minute assignments or getting lost in conversation with a group of friends, at some point in your uni life your sleeping pattern is going to take a serious hit. It’s often difficult to get back into a … Read moreHow to Fix Your Sleeping Pattern At Uni

Reasons You Should Wake Up Early At University

Wake Up Early

Waking up early in university? DPMO. I know that’s what some people are thinking right now but it’s actually very possible, and worthwhile. Some of us need to get out of this mentality that uni has to be filled with sleepless nights and endless hours of working because that isn’t the case. Like I said … Read moreReasons You Should Wake Up Early At University

From Nightcrawler to Early-riser

Waking Up Early At University

Nightcrawler vs Early-riser – Why I Started Waking Up Early At University When I compare my behaviours in first year to my behaviours now, first year just seems comical. That time period was just a limbo, life was happening and I didn’t really do too much to take control of it. A significant part of … Read moreFrom Nightcrawler to Early-riser

The Benefits of Having a Routine in University

Routine in University

University is a place where, for most people, the days just go by. A second ago, I was going to open days and now I’m halfway through my degree. Before I know it I’ll be writing my final exams.  The thing is, because things happen so fast, it’s hard to keep a structure in your … Read moreThe Benefits of Having a Routine in University

How to Create Your Own Routine

Create Your Own Routine

If you read the last blog (Having a Routine), then you’d have a little understand of why my routine is important to me. I didn’t go into too much depth because that’s what the next few posts will be about. To start with, I’m going to go through how you can create your own routine. … Read moreHow to Create Your Own Routine

Having A Routine

Having a Routine. These are some of the reasons why I decided to create a routine for myself

Analogy: Routine – Shopping When you go grocery shopping with a list you spend your energy looking for what’s on the list. Once everything is ticked off you go to the checkout. You may grab some snacks here and there but it’s a quick trip and you’ll probably stay within budget. If you go grocery … Read moreHaving A Routine