Hustlers: Lotanna Ezeike – The Epitome of Serial Entrepreneur

Lotanna Ezeike - The Epitome of Serial Entrepreneur

Have you ever felt like something was missing in the world? Something that would better your life experience? Only to realise that it doesn’t exist or it’s only for an exclusive group of people, (i.e. see-through toasters or a dog toy doubling as a toothbrush). What did you do about it? Probably nothing, like most people would. However, Lotanna Ezeike isn’t like most people. When he feels like something should exist that doesn’t, he creates it. He is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur and this has been his journey…

7 Instagram Accounts To Follow That’ll Bring Value To Your Timeline

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow That'll Bring Value To Your Timeline

The majority of people’s screen time is dedicated to ‘social networking’. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, some people operate their businesses strictly via social media. The problem comes when you’re spending hours on end on scrolling through endless posts and aren’t receive any sort of value. So here are 7 Instagram accounts you should follow that’ll bring value to your timeline.